custom holiday greeting cards


*New* Digital Option


We are excited to announce that Kraus Photography has partnered with Tiny Prints & Minted to allow you the freedom to choose and personalize your own exquisitely unique card & upload a digital file from your professional portrait session.


How does it work?

First, you browse the websites of tiny prints and minted by using the links above to find a card you like.     You will have access to digital watermarked proofs from your session to help in the decision making process.  Once you've made your card choice and personalized your text, you can email your preferences to  Kraus Photography will then upload your high resolution photograph(s) and add your text.  An email proof will be sent to you for approval BEFORE an order is placed.  There is a one time $75 charge for use of your image on a tiny prints or minted card.


three easy steps to a fantastic holiday card:

1) Click on the links above (very important) for tiny prints and/or minted and choose a holiday card.

2) Email the card number,  photograph number(s), whether it's tiny prints or minted, the quantity of cards & text you prefer to use.

3) Wait for a digital proof to be emailed to you before approving final order.


what if i know the photograph i would like to use but feel overwhelmed with all of the card choices on these websites?

Some clients prefer to look at every card possible, type in their text and play with wording, etc. before ordering.  Others would rather not deal with the hassle.  We are here to help make this process easy & fun for you,  so if you prefer we do all the leg work, that's fine with us.  Simply email us exactly what you'd like to say & the photograph you'd like to use and we will take care of everything else for a small fee.  You will still be able to approve the card before placing an order.


please don't forget to order your photo gift stickers


We are so excited about our new partnerships and look forward to creating beautiful cards this holiday season!


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