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It is a rare and beautiful thing to discover your passion in life.

My love for photography began many years ago.  That love intensified, however, when my first son was born in October 2001.  I spent day after day taking pictures of every tiny feature of my newborn.  His eyes, nose, feet and hands seemed like a never ending miracle to capture on film.  Soon, friends began asking me to photograph their children.  Capturing each child's unique spirit through portraits was a thrilling challenge and an amazing creative outlet.  I found myself gaining more and more interest in the art of photography and desiring to master it at every turn.  I craved the opportunity to practice and learn like nothing I had ever experienced.  In 2002, I decided to channel this passion into something more than just a hobby. Thus, kraus photography was born (along with my second son). 

In the past 11 years, Kraus Photography has grown almost as fast as my children!  I have clients all over the country and continue to explore different locations, styles, and types of photography.  In 2007, I expanded my scope to include corporate and commercial photography.  This, along with my first love of portraiture, has  allowed me to grow as a photographer and hone my craft.  My creativity is bursting at the seams and I'm so thankful God has provided this incredible opportunity to express myself.

With the support of my husband, the inspiration of my 3 sons, and the grace of God, I am finally able to realize my life's passion.

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Family & Friends:

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